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Pupil Reviews

Sheena S

Say is a brilliant driving instructor. When I began my lessons, I was apprehensive and nervous. Say helped me to gain confidence and most importantly good driving skills. His approach to teaching is very unique, both in theory and in practice. He is always willing to help and is really friendly. He never gave up on me either, and without his help I couldn't have passed - Thank you Say! I would recommend him to anyone that is currently looking for a great driving instructor.

17 April 2009

Nishma S

When looking for a driving instructor, a few friends recommened Say and it was a really good decision to make. He has a great teaching method and can adapt his teaching depending on how you learn best. He teaches you how to be a vey capable driver and always has confidence in you even if you don't have it in yourself. I would definitely recommend Say to anyone who is looking for a really good driving instructor.

14 April 2009

Reena T

Say has a very different approach to teaching driving. He uses various diagrams and visual aids that will guarantee you a pass! I was a very hesitant driver and had very low levels of confidence when I first started. He was superb! He would always be extremely patient, and had more confidence in me than I even had in myself. I can recommend Say to anybody and personally would give him 10 out of 10 for is expertise in the field of driving. Most importantly I enjoyed my lessons with Say and hence passed first time. Thank you Say!

13 April 2009

Samir C

I have no hesitation recommending Say as a driving instructor to anyone. He's down to earth, very professional and friendly. He is very easy to get on with and made learning to drive a piece of cake. I, like the many people who recommended him to me, passed first time.


7 April 2009

Nimisha M

Say is a fantastic driving instructor - he really knows what he's talking about!  He is an expert in his field and I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone who's after someone who can teach driving well.  When I first started, I was terrible (and terrified!) at driving, but eventually I had no problems...and I passed first time!  

6 April 2009

Anjni V

I heard about Say after a few of my friends had passed their test first time with him. When I started driving with Say I was terrible! He was always patient and he never gave up on me; to me, he is the best instructor to have. Recently my younger brother passed first time with Say and I would always recommend him to anyone.

5 April 2009

Harsha P

I had first started driving when i  turned 17 and gave up. Then i was recommended to Say by a friend. I had all my friends learn with Say and they all passed first time. Say was really patient with me he had the utmost faith in me even though my confidence levels were very low. Say showed me various diagrams to help me understand how to do manoeuvres and i found them very usefull. Say has a unique teaching method and guarantees that you will pass as he is very confident and experienced in what he does. I passed first time and i was very pleased. Thank You Say.

30 March 2009

Emma S

Before I signed up with Say I had failed one test already, and had really lost my confidence with a previous driving instructor.  Say was fantastic, he was really patient and helped me to overcome my exam nerves.  The first test I took with Say as my instructor, I passed.  He really helped me to rebuild my confidence and I can not recommend him highly enough. 

29 March 2009

Rik C

I was recommended to learn with Say from many people. I did not regret learning to drive with him, he made driving easy and fun. the lessons were great, time went quick. When I spoke to other students of Say's, they all said the same thing and all enjoyed their driving lessons. I'd recommend him if someone asked me. I passed 1st time !!.

25 March 2009