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Pupil Reviews

Harry Drew

Easy first time pass, has great knowledge and really knows what examiners are looking for and makes you into a confident driver, many Thanks again say

27 April 2021

Thomas To

Easy first time pass, pretty much did as well as I could've, with 1 minor that wasn't 100% my fault. Say gives you all the tools to pass perfectly with confidence, why go with anyone else?

26 October 2020


Passed first time with 1 minor. Has a lot of knowledge about what the examiners are looking for, and he turns you into a good driver! Thanks again

13 October 2020


First time pass today with Say. He is an exceptional instructor and I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him. You can place your full trust in Say and his meticulous, calm and fun approach! Highly recommend.

23 September 2020


First time pass with Say and only one minor! If you want to pass first time go to Say. I never had a problem he is an amazing teacher and very easy to get along with. You will pass in flying colours and have a laugh at the same time.

17 September 2020

Ryan Williams

Passed first time today and this was in no small part due to Say's teaching. I would highly recommend learning with Say as he is a very good instructor and makes learning incredibly easy.

12 August 2020


Passed my test today!! Would highly recommend Say, he made sure I was comfortable with each skill before moving onto the next one, which really built my confidence when driving. Thanks Say! 🙂

15 January 2020


Passed 1st time today !!!!

16 October 2019


Say is top instructor - passed first time - only 1 minor! Cheers amigo!

9 October 2019


Passed my test with 3 minors as well as being 8 months pregnant! Say is a brilliant instructor, honestly couldn’t recommend him enough. Always felt very relax, and he’s so easy to get along with! You’d be silly to go with anyone else!
Thank you so much Say!

11 September 2019