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Niamh Field

If you are looking for a driving instructor and don’t know who to choose – then look no further. I passed my test first time on 16 April 2013; something I never thought I would ever achieve, let alone on the first attempt. Say had confidence in me and knew I would do it no matter how much I doubted myself, which after having 3 cancelled tests, was pretty often.

I picked Say as he was the only instructor that had up to date information on his website for his prices, statistics on pass rates and customer feedback.

As a more mature learner (mid 30’s!!), I was quite anxious about learning to drive and worried he would think there was something wrong with me because I had never learned before. Its true, I didn’t even know what, or where, the clutch was! Say had to literally start with the basics … and he had his work cut out !! As an instructor, he is harsh but fair and annoyingly right … all the time! Say teaches his students how to drive properly, and not just to pass the driving test.

Say is flexible and will pick you up / collect you from anywhere that suits you. I would often change pick up points at short notice and he would be there. Nothing was too much trouble.

Some memories from my time with Say …

As I waited anxiously for my first lesson, I could hear loud music getting closer and closer to the house … then the car appeared! And so it continued … every weekend morning, I heard the car radio in the distance before the car pulled up! Lesson three, he made me buy ‘pumps’! I haven’t worn pumps since I was a young girl. He banned me from wearing anything other than those pumps. The pumps were destroyed at 18.00 hours on Tuesday, 16 April in a ceremony involving champagne!

This was my fourth attempt as my first three booked tests were cancelled due to
snow in January, February and March!! You will need to book with Say to hear
that story J
Thanks Say! I have enjoyed learning to drive with you and getting to know you as
a person.
Wishing Rianne all the very best of luck for her future career. I look forward
to seeing the updates on Facebook J